Where to Go Metal Detecting

Do Your Research – Find the Best Places

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Good quality research always pays off when you are deciding where to go metal detecting. It is a great idea to look for information or sources that can give you an insight on the best metal detecting sites. You can take a look at old local town plans and documents, mining reports and of course, ask the people who have been living there about information on possible sites.

Laws and Permission

An important part of your research process should be looking into the laws and permission regarding metal detecting. You do not have to bother becoming a legal expert for treasure hunting laws, but you should know just enough to make sure that you do not get into any trouble. Private property is strictly off-limits until and unless you can obtain permission from the owner. National and state parks are no-go areas and you can actually find yourself paying a hefty fine if law enforcement officials catch you there. Make sure you get a lay of the land before you head out for treasure hunting.

Possible Places You can Go to for Metal Detecting

Here’s a look at some of the most ideal locations you can head out to for metal detecting.


When you’re deciding where to go metal detecting, we’re sure you might have thought of the beach. It makes sense since it is the most popular place for treasure hunters to go and have a crack at it, especially as beginners. Saltwater beaches are great for metal detecting because you can find so many things from ages ago and completely forgotten about.

State Parks

State parks are a bit tricky in terms of permission. You need to make sure that you get all the right permits and stay within the boundaries of the law when you head out for metal detecting in any state park. If you do get the chance to go, it is a wonderful spot where you can find valuable items.


When you’re thinking of where to go metal detecting, forests are not a bad option either. State parks are likely to have many more people out for treasure hunting, but forests can provide greener pastures. Do your research on potential forests before heading out.

Old Churches

Old churches are good places to go treasure hunting. Just like private properties, you need the right permit to go treasure hunting in old churches. Go to the pastor, ask for permission and you’re very likely to get permission, especially if you ask nicely.

Deserted Old Towns

There is no better place to go treasure hunting than an old town. If you do your research, you can find plenty of ghost towns on the maps and books. Abandoned mining towns or rail road towns hold a lot of potential treasure and relics, which make all the effort worth it. Who knows, you could even dig some gold!

Sports Stadiums

Sports stadiums and bleachers are popular spots for metal detecting fanatics. Large sporting events attract a lot of people and when they jump around with excitement, they tend to lose valuables from their pockets, which they often forget about. When contemplating where to go metal detecting for making a quick buck, the bleachers is a good place to go.

Historic Battle Sites

If you get your research done right, you will be able to find out all you need to know about exactly where the Civil War battles were fought. Find out all you can about all the different locations where the battles took place and head on over with a metal detector and plenty of patience because you’re very likely to find valuable relics on the battlefields. Historic battlefields are now part of private properties all over the country so you should get permission from the owners. You might have to come to an agreement of how to split the findings, but they will only ask you to do that if they know you’re going to find something.

Now that you know where to go metal detecting, check out our reviews on some top metal detectors and make sure to do all your research before you head out to the potential locations, get the right permit and take all the safety precautions. Also, if you happen to find old coins, read about how to clean them.  Best of luck and happy hunting!

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