Robotic vs Suction Pool Cleaners

Cleaning your pool manually is absolutely laborious and would seem ludicrous at this age and time. There are numerous options available at the market now that would automatically do the job for you. Now, there are primarily two different types of swimming pool cleaners that you can consider - Suction Pool Cleaners and Robotic Pool Cleaners. Here, we’re going to take a look at their pros and cons so that you get a better idea of which one of these ​suits you better.

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Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners ​adhere to a suction port on ​the pool, such as a pool skimmer or a ​filtration system, and use ​the pool filter pump's suction to ​clean up debris from the pool surface. The stay in motion via creating pulses in the water by pausing the water flow for a very short time, causing the cleaner to drift around slowly. Suction cleaners are ​fantastic for ​extracting finer debris that ​accumulate at the bottom of ​thr pool, which means ​you won't be needing to scrub the pool surface frequently. ​And although these cleaners are economical, ​it is limited by its ​dependence on ​an existing pool pump and filtration system. ​Also the hose that connects the cleaner to ​the system needs manual control.


  • ​Suction cleaner are very affordable.
  • ​They are easy to assemble​e and require low maintenance.
  • ​Some models ​can scale the walls of the pool ​and clean up the sides.
  • Suction pool cleaners are particularly effective when it comes to cleaning fine particles, which ​is the primary cause of​ cloudy water.


  • ​Suction pool cleaners do not perform well if a pool has large, floating debris and might get clogged.
  • ​They can send debris into the pool’s basket and filter, which means you have to spend more time cleaning that up.
  • The cleaner's speed ​depends on the pool pump size and water flow and might take hours.
  • ​It has to be connected and disconnected manually from the skimmer​ for surface skimming.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners function using a transformer that plugs into a GFCI outlet and converts the electricity to a very low voltage. ​They are ​manufactured with their own onboard pump and filter ​along ​varrying programming modes ​to adapt the cleaner ​with the pool. ​These cleaners ​can scrub and suck up debris from the bottom of ​the pool ​and the walls. And as they have their own pump and filtration system, they can enhance water circulation in your pool.


  • ​Robotic pool cleaners ​are fully automatic ​and uses an electric motor powered by a low voltage transformer.
  • ​They do not need to be connected to the pool’s basket and filter as it has a pump and filter of its own.
  • ​​These cleaners can scrub swimming pool walls and flooring at the same time.
  • They can do an excellent job for both large debris or small particles.
  • ​They are plug-n-play, quick and thorough.


  • Some models of robotic pool cleaners require users to clean up the built-in filters and pumps after use on a frequent basis. ​
  • They​ need an electrical connection to function​, which means that the cord can limit their movement in a pool if it is too large and the cord is not long enough.
  • ​Robotic pool cleaners are considerably more expensive than suction pool cleaners can make them slightly problematic for those getting a pool cleaner for the first time.
  • ​Maintenance can be costly too.

​Final thoughts

​There is only one winner in the robotic vs suction pool cleaner debate and that is robotic pool cleaners. These pool cleaners are extremely efficient at what they do. They can also cater to a wide variety of cleaning specifications and are more thorough than suction pool cleaners. Suction pool cleaners have one clear advantage over their robotic counterparts and that is that they cost less. The question is: would you really want to go through all the headache just so you can spend a little less on buying a pool cleaner?

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