Is Backyard Camping Safe?

Backyard camping is like cherry picking for all the ‘cherries’ about camping without having to deal with the inconvenience. It's a smart and easy way to enjoy nature with your dear ones ​amidst the daily hustle bustle of our busy lives. One common question on this topic is that whether backyard camping is safe. The answer is of course it is! What could be safer than the compound of your own residence? You are familiar with the environment, you are aware about any possible drawback, the house is in close proximity in case of any emergency and there are no unknown wild insects or plants to worry about. Backyard camping is possibly the safest as it can be.

Backyard camping

Camping in general is an excellent experience for bonding and teamwork. Albeit our ​lifestyle is progressing on account of all the technological advancements, we are eventually disconnecting from the earth and interpersonally ​the more we are connecting ​with devices. Camping helps us to reconnect​ ​with the roots and encounter the forgotten essence of relationships and company through all the activities it entails – starting from packing to setting up tents to ​telling stories and what not.

​Moreover, camping ​in your backyard makes the entire process so much simpler and safer. Imagine not having to haul all those items in your trunk and travel​ miles away for some retreat. Not to mention the lavatory amenities. Plus backyard camping is a fantastic way to introduce the concept to first timers or to those who are reluctant or begrudging about it.

Is backyard camping safe for kids?

Yes! It is in fact better to start off with the backyard before heading out in the actual wild with the little ones. This way you can find out if the kids are interested at all and how much so. Just like the first month free trial.

In backyard camping, the house is very close by, the campout is a testing ground and the area is totally familiar to you and your kids. These points are the ones that make backyard camping so safe and convincing. Given you are packed up properly with all the necessary items and ideas, and that your yard does not have any obvious hazards for children, backyard camping will be a secure and wonderful event for you and your kids.

Camping with kids

Backyard camping in winter

Winter backyard camping

When we hear the word camping, a summer setting is a universal image that pops up in our minds. But winter camping can be just as fun and a rather pleasant surprise. If you are not prone to any health issue pertaining to the cold weather, you should give it a try. Sitting around a fire, the s'mores, the hotdogs – all these feel and taste even better in winter. Plus there are fewer bugs to deal with.

Although you would need more clothing and other necessary items for winter, it’s a different and pleasant camping experience you could enjoy with your family. Regardless of the presence of absence of snow, if you are adequately geared with appropriate supplies and equipment, backyard camping in winter is safe as long as everyone stays warm. That’s the keyword right there – warm.

​​Adults and children, both groups should be accustomed the outdoors in all seasons. It is important that we expose ourselves to all the elements of nature at all times so that our bodies and its system can adapt to anything and everything. That is if you are certain about your abilities and limitations of course. If the cold weather or any aspect of it does not suit you, or any family member, for a fact, that’s a different issue. You should then tailor the camping accordingly or avoid it if you prefer.

Equipment & supplies for backyard camping

Even though the camp would be set up right outside your home in your backyard,​ plan the event as if it is actually away from home and you don't have the opportunity to go back and get something you forgot. That would make a good practice and an actual simulation. 

1) Camping gears:

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​2) ​Food:

  • Drinking water or any other beverage of your choice
  • ​Crackers, granola bars, trail mix, chips & dips
  • Marshmallows, cereal, milk, eggs, bread and buns
  • ​Fruits, diced vegetables, meat and sausages
  • Spice and condiments
  • Canned food

3) Other supplies:

  • ​Coolers or pitchers​​​
  • Roasting sticks or skewers
  • ​Plastic cups, spoons ​or other necessary cutler​y and utensils
  • Can opener
  • ​Napkins, towels and buckets
  • Portable grill and stove (you are in luck if you have a fire pit!)

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4) Personal items:

  • ​​Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Sunscreen, lotion and wipes
  • Insect repellents
  • Sunglasses or hats
  • First-aid kit
  • Waterproof clothing

​5) Miscellaneous:

  • ​Camera
  • Fishing gear (if you have a lake nearby)
  • Books
  • Outdoor games, card games or toys
  • Some essentials of your kids, like their security blankets, cuddly toys, nightlights, etc.

Depending on your nature and needs, you could make do with a minimum amount of supplies or you would need literally everything you can imagine, if you're someone who likes to be prepared for all times. ​The list we made above includes ​some of the basic and obvious items you will need, along with some that you might skip.

Tips & tricks for backyard camping

Prepare checklists

​Like any other outdoor trip, plan and prepare thoroughly as if your house is not anywhere near enough for you to go back and get something you forgot. ​Otherwise, experience would feel less authentic. So prepare a checklist of all the things you need ​and go through it for a final time right before stepping out.

​Make it real

The whole ​objective behind this concept is to experience camping as it is. So try to make it as real as possible. Imagine you are indeed away from your home and the locality to help you unwind to the fullest. Use actual camping gears to step it up a notch. Set up the yard like a real campsite and in such a way so that all you have in the surrounding ​is nature​ and only that

Stick to rules

Since the campsite is right outside your home, set up limitations as to how close you can go to the ​residence, especially with kids around, ​​in order to make it real. If you opt for using the bathroom inside, then be determined that you'll enter the house solely for this purpose and nothing else - no checking on the fridge, no turning on the TV, no grabbing something you missed - nothing of that sort. Other than this, there could be other rules of a campsite according to individuals, like when to eat, when to sleep, when to do activities, etc., just like that in a real one. Discuss these among yourselves and stick to them, so that the camping can serve as an accurate simulation, along with being a terrific family outing.

​Plan fun activities​

It is important to have everyone involved in various activities to avoid ​monotony. Kids in particular have a volatile mind and can get ​​​bored very easily, especially in recent times, ​in the absence of gadgets and devices. Therefore plan tasks and activities that can engage everyone ​from all age groups. For instance, you could assign specific chores of cooking to some members while others could set up the tents. Activities like scavenger hunt, act it out, campfire stories, stargazing are certainly entertaining enough to get everyone absorbed, besides the usual card and board games you could ​bring along.

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