How to Use a Lawn Edger

Perfect lawn made using lawn edger

Safety Tips

When you’re learning how to use a lawn edger, first and foremost, you need to be aware of the necessary safety measures when using it. When it comes to the safety features of lawn edgers, try to buy a model with a blade brake feature. This allows the blade to stop immediately when you turn it off, and it’s one of the most important safety features.

Other than that, you need to wear the correct clothes for personal protection while you’re using the lawn edger. Always use eye goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, and earplugs to protect your ears from the loud noise. Make sure your stance is firm and stable. Clear any debris from the lawn before you start edging and make sure pets and children are not nearby.

Mow the Lawn First

The next step in learning how to use a lawn edger is to mow the lawn. Before you start to edge the lawn and refine it, it is better to mow the lawn first. This will provide you with an even surface to use as a guide in order to get a neat finish.

You might think that since the lawn edger is capable of cutting the grass that you should work on the rest of the lawn using it before you get to the edge, however it would take a very long time and it wouldn’t get you the proper finish you need.

Follow the Edge of the Hard Surface

The next step is to work on your stance. Make sure you’re standing strong and firm while you hold the lawn edger to prevent accidents. Once you’re sure you can maintain a stable stance, turn on the lawn edger.

An important skill to learn is to keep the lines consistent. Now, the lawn mower will make the whole garden even except for the grass near the hard surfaces. Use the edges of the hard surfaces in the lawn to guide you and you’ll be able to get a pretty neat finish on those areas.

Tips for Keeping the Edge Straight

One of the biggest challenges is to keep the edges straight. When you’re learning how to use youredger, these tips can help you out so that you can keep those edges prim and proper:

  • The first method is to follow the edges of hard surfaces if they are there.
  • If there are no hard surfaces to guide you, consider using pegs and strings to guide you while you edge the lawn.
  • Make sure that you use your body to move the edger and not the hands. By moving your body instead of your arms, you will manage to keep the lawn edger straighter and more stable for an even cut.

Clear Away the Clippings

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that you should clear away all the clippings as you work on the edges of the lawn. Clearing it away is going to allow you to give it a good and final finish so that all your hard work pays off.

Final Thoughts

While you might not be able to get a straight line right away, the most important thing is to keep yourself from getting frustrated and keep on at it. The more you use the lawn edger, the better finish you will be able to get. Learning how to use your edger is pretty simple if you think about it. Just remember to follow straight lines and hold the edger with a strong stance and you’re good to go.

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