How to use a Brinkmann electric smoker

Video by IrixGuy's Adventure Channel


The first step is to set up the base - make sure the power cable is at the back of the base for safety.  


Add lava rocks to the base - at least enough to cover the heater element. Ideally the wood chip smoker box (see below) shouldn't come into contact with the heater element.  

lava rocks

Now plug in the cable and turn on the power. From now on you need to be aware the element will be heating up. Keep children and pets away, and be aware the that metal surfaces of the smoker will heat up.

Place the body on top of the base, making sure the door faces forwards:


Place the water bowl inside the smoker straight away, as the heat will build up quickly. Take care not to spill any. You can add flavourings of your choice to the water - in this example he has used orange peel and garlic.

Water bowl

Place the lower grill on top of the water bowl:

Lower grill

Load your meat into the grill, then place the second grill on the top rack (optional, only needed if you are using 2 levels), then place the cover on top. Be aware that the lid is not a tight fit: this smoker is designed to vent through the gap between the body and the lid.

Smoker meat

Put your wood chips in a smoker box. Soak the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes beforehand - dry wood will not smoke! You can use hickory, mesquite or many other types of wood, depending on what flavor you're looking for - see this chart (pdf) for more information.

Wood chips

Open the door on the front of the body - use a glove when touching the door handle as it can get very hot. Place the smoker box containing the wood chips inside the body, on top of the heater element and lava rocks:

Insert box

Now sit back and relax - in a few hours you'll be tucking into some of the most delicious, tender meat you've ever had! Have a look at this chart for a guide to cooking times, and be sure to test the meat's temperature with a thermometer before eating.

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