How To Remove A Hot Tub From A Deck

Hot tubs are one of the trendy and effective means of recreation which many people opt for today. Mostly installed on decks, the removal of a hot tub is not that complicated per se, but it does call for some preparation and groundwork. In this article, we have tried to present a guideline on how to remove a hot tub from a deck which you could follow and try before deciding on hiring professional help.

Hot tub on deck

Before starting, determine the reason first. If it's because it has been damaged and will never be used again, then the process will be much easier and require lesser effort. This is because you wouldn’t have to pay much attention about not destroying the tub. You could cut it into sections for trouble-free removal. But if you want to reuse it later and not discard it, then you'd have to be very cautious and meticulous.

Since it’s a bulky piece of machine, you might need additional helping hands. Go through the product specific instruction manual to get an idea about the tub’s original features and electric elements. Write them down if necessary. That you'd know what to expect and how to put back everything in its place. Make sure the tub is fully drained out and dry before starting.

Removing a hot tub from a deck steps

1) Unplug and isolate: This step is essential to ensure safety as well as ease. Disconnect all the electrical connections – the gas, electricity and heater line. Make sure ALL electrical components are disconnected. By now, you should be left with the wooden frame and the spa bed only.

2) Strip the spa cabinet: The spa cabinet, also known as the spa skirt, is the material that surrounds the tub. If it's connected using screw or nails, remove them using screwdrivers or hammers. Some tubs use wood slats, attached via tongue and grooves, to make the skirt. Removing such skirts are much simpler; all you need to is apply some pulling force.

3) Disassemble the tub: This is going to be the most crucial and difficult part of the process. Since a hot tub comprises a single piece of plastic or fiberglass, you'd have to cut it into pieces using jigsaws or reciprocating saws. Cut it out into manageable sizes, that you can carry easily, and discard them appropriately. This step will be messy and dusty, so make sure you wear proper safety clothing and gear at all times.


Check out the video below for a demo:

But if you want to relocate a functioning hot tub and not discard it, then it's another story. In order to safely take out a tub and haul it over to another place in one piece, you would require professional help or the appropriate tools. Other than the things outlined in the above steps, you would need straps, rods and tools to lift up the tub first.


Plan out a pathway through which you are to haul the tub away. Make sure that the pathway is free of any obstacle. You wouldn't want to start carrying the machine only to be be paused mid-work by something blocking your way. If the deck is not on ground level and the tub has to be lifted downwards or upwards, you need proper ramps to help you with that.

After completing these first two steps, you'd have to secure the straps around the tub after detaching it completely from the cabinet and the deck.


Next, with the help of lifting tools, you'd have to levitate the tub. Start lifting from one side, and then slide in some sort of support under it. Repeat for the other side. This is done so that the tub is properly balanced before hauling.

Once set, you can start moving the tub accordingly, being very careful that the tub is fastened tight and has its weight spread out evenly.

This last step of relocating the tub will vary according to its existing location and the intended location. Depending on your situation, prepare and arrange for the necessary apparatus in advance.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea:

And that's about it. All you need are the appropriate tools, protective clothing for safety and a couple of helping hands. The 3 simple steps outlined above will certainly make the task of removing a hot tub from a deck seem less daunting, as it actually is.

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any suggestions on how to remove a hot tub? Let us know in the comments below!

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