How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Odor From Lawn & Driveway

​Getting to train your dog to attend nature's call outside is a big triumph indeed. But the ordeal that follows is another battle to fight. As adorable and cute they are, the stench ​is just unbearable; not to mention the dead patch it leaves as the pet chooses to mind its business at one favorite spot. So, how to get rid of dog urine odor from ​your lawn or driveway you ask? Read along to learn about the tricks we use.

For lawns, before using any product, we suggest you dilute the problem with water first. But this step is applicable to you if there are no water restrictions in your area or if your dog chooses to urinate over a large area, not one single spot. In other cases, where there are certain regulations for water supply or if you have a small area highly concentrated with urine, water won't help much since there is a practical limit of applying water in a particular area. So use water only if you fit the criteria; if not, you can skip this step and jump directly jump to our solutions section.

Using a sprinkler or hose, water down the area before applying any commercial or homemade solution. This way, water lessens the concentration of the urine and mitigates the odor partially. This step will enable you to use a lower amount of any product to cover up the remaining smell, compared to the amount of product you would have used originally without the water.

Products for removing dog urine odor

After washing down the area with water, you can use any commercial product to get rid of the odor, following specific instructions. For large areas and households with multiple pets, using water is optional and depends on the concentration of the urine. Concrete in particular requires washing, as it is a porous material, and doing so as soon as possible is always recommended. 

Here, we are mentioning the two basic type of commercial products that helps in removing urine odors, along with some suggestions you should try.

Enzymatic products

These products are indispensable for getting rid of dog urine odors, especially the intense and persistent ones. The ​active ingredients ​in this type of products are bio-active enzymes and 'friendly' bacteria, that fight against the microorganisms in the urine; these are the culprits that ​causes the stench and stains. These products are designed to be harmless for the grass in your yard, in case you were wondering.

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Odor eliminators or neutralizers

These products are chemical based and are mainly composed of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and occasionally bleach. Along with eliminating odors, they can also be used for cleaning up the urine from multiple surfaces.

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​homemade solutions for removing dog urine odor

Citrus rinds

Preserve any citrus peels instead of discarding them. You can either sundry them or use a baking oven to dehydrate them completely, and crush them using a grinder. This can powder can be stored for months and used to deodorize a number of things, not only dog urine odors. Fruits like orange, lemon or grapefruit are particularly helpful. Simply mix the crushed powder with water in a spray bottle and let it infuse for some time. Spray it in the problem area repeatedly to get rid of the stench.

​Essential oils

Essential oils tend to have very strong aromas due to their high concentration. Tea tree oil and Neem oil are noteworthy as they have an intense, minty fragrance. Mix 2 teaspoons of oil in 2 cups of water and saturate the problem area with the solution. Allow it to dry naturally.

Grapefruit seed extracts

This is another natural and biodegradable solution, like the above two, to eliminate dog urine odor as well as stain. Add 15 drops of this extract to 1​ gallon of water and use this mixture to wash any solid surface, including driveways. You can use it to clean upholstery also.

​​Baking Soda

This is a very well known solution as an odor neutralizer. You can mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 quart of water and spray the mix in the problem area. You can also use it as it is in the powdered form and let sit in the area to get rid of the smell. But keep in mind, if it is a porous area, like cement, scrub the region first before applying the powder to sit.

​Some things to consider

​You can use the above mentioned items as stated or use them in conjunction with each other also. For instance, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to the citrus rind solution or add some grapefruit seed extract to the baking soda solution. Other than ​these, vinegar and bleach can also be made into spraying solutions respectively and used to eliminate dog urine odor. But since they have an unpleasant smell of their own, many people prefer otherwise.

Also, keep in mind that as you remove the urine form one area, your pet will avoid using that spot the next day due to the foreign smell of the solution and thus find another new spot to conduct its business at. Therefore, if you intend to designate a certain region as your pet's bathroom, avoid eliminating the odor from that place. Unless it gets absolutely unbearable and unhygienic, try cleaning that spot less frequently. This way, some of the natural smell of your pet's excretion would still remain which would help your dog to locate it for further use.

​how to remove dog urine odor from artificial grass

Since artificial grass or turfs are synthetic, they are easily washable. The classic soap water is the first and simplest solution to try first. Simply scrub the patch using this solution and a sponge, followed by rinsing with a hose. If it is a large area, you can use a mop instead of a sponge.

The odor should be gone by now as the urine should have been washed away. But if ​it still ​​remains for some reason, mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water and spray it on the grass. Let it sit for some time and then wash away the vinegar. You can also add essential oil or grapefruit seed extract to the solution.

If the odor is extreme and stubbornly persists after multiple attempts, you can use enzymatic cleaners​ designed for ​artificial grass. Follow the product instructions carefully, as the directions are not always the same for all.

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