How To Get A Greener Lawn

If you feel as though the grass is always greener on the other side when looking at your neighbor’s lawn, it may be time to take matters into your own hands and make your lawn the one the neighborhood envies. Below are some tips to make your lawn look as green as possible.

Choose Your Grass Based On Climate

If you're new to lawn maintenance, it may come as a surprise that there are many different types of grass to choose from. For example, you can choose from Bent Grass, Bluegrass, Bermuda Grass, and many, many others.

What's most important to get your lawn as green as possible is that there are warm-season grasses that grow best in warmer areas, and cool-season grasses that do better in cooler areas. The problem, according to lawn care expert David Beaulieu, is getting the right grass if you live somewhere in between. He recommends using a mixture of grasses that compliment each other, which he explains in the link above.

How To Water Your Grass

Just having an automated sprinkler system is not enough to get the lawn you desire. To make your lawn as green as possible, you must water your grass deeply, and, surprisingly, less often. This will cause the roots of the grass to go deeper into the soil, allowing it to stay green during periods of drought or heat.

According to the lawn care experts at Clean Air Gardening, you should put a few shallow containers throughout your lawn in the beginning, and measure how long it takes your sprinkler system to fill them to one inch. Then, when you know the amount of time this takes, you can leave your sprinkler system running for this amount of time once per week. You'll also be able to target problem areas if you notice containers in certain areas do not fill as much as containers in other areas.

Remove Broadleaf Weeds At The Right Time

This is advice from The Family Handyman, who has spent fifteen years learning from lawn care experts to create stunning transformations. He highlights the importance of removing broadleaf weeds during mild weather conditions. This is because this is when the weeds are growing, and because they're growing, they're absorbing herbicide. This means the weeds are taking away the precious fertilizer that was supposed to be for your grass, and using it to grow unwanted weeds. Check out or review article on some of the best weed and feed fertilizers to help you with this problem.

Using Aeration To Create A Greener Lawn

In this video from Natural Ways, they stress the importance of aeration. This is because when grass gets too thick, the nutrients and water they need to grow are unable to travel to their roots. To combat this challenge, poke holes throughout your lawn. This will not only allow water and nutrients to travel deeper into the soil and become more accessible for the grass roots, but will provide valuable air circulation as well. Read this article for details on how to aerate your lawn. Moreover, there are sandals available on the market that aerate your soil as you walk, which means one less thing to do. See our review on these sandals to buy one.

How To Choose The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn

Sal Vaglica shares the importance of using fertilizer to make your lawn as green as possible. However, he stresses the importance of knowing your soil and grass type before choosing a fertilizer.

There is no one universal fertilizer, and you'll have to know these two critical details in order to get the correct one. Once you know these two details, you can take the results to a gardening center, or do your own research, to determine the fertilizer that's right for you.

Even though there isn't a universal fertilizer, it is important to get one that is slow-release and organic, and apply it to the perimeter of the lawn. Then you would go over the middle, and overlap half of the patch you went over as you move to the next one. Keep in mind that you will have to mow your lawn more often after applying the fertilizer as the grass will be growing faster than usual. As discussed earlier, thick grass can lead to serious issues.

By implementing these five tips, you can develop a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. What's important is to do the necessary research and have patience, as using the right soil, grass, and fertilizer is what will make all the difference at the beginning. Once you determine this, making use of the proper fertilizers, the frequency, aeration, and weed removal will take your lawn to a whole new level.

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