Electric vs Manual Hedge Trimmers

As a garden owner you have certain responsibilities. No doubt, you are proud of your yard and for good reason – you spent a lot of time on it and it looks good!

But there is a problem, your hedges are starting to look worse for wear and your trusty pair of shears has let you down. It is time to get a new one but that leads us to the age-old question: manual or electric? ​

Electric Hedge Trimmers

There are a lot of different types of electric hedge trimmers out there, so we have decided to break it down and discuss the different types, what type of garden they are ideal for as well as the pros and cons.


These cutters are lightweight, and they require little to no effort. All you do is aim and hold in place. Unlike manual shears, they allow you to do a lot more in less time.


You will be able to do a lot of work in a short time. They are cheaper than other types and are also very light.


They need to be plugged in all the time and the cord is an annoyance.


A cordless hedge trimmer takes away the annoyance of having to plug in your shears. They are ideal if your hedge is not close to the house or you do not have an outlet that is easy to reach.


You can take them with you away from the house, and they are very user friendly.


The batteries do not last long - up to an hour in the best case scenario.

Manual Shears

There’s nothing quite like grabbing your trusty pair of shears and starting on one of your beloved hedges. The possibilities are endless, and you feel a certain sense of optimism about the world.

Many people prefer manual shears, and this is mostly because they trust manual shears, but there are certain things that need to be considered too.

These shears are better for smaller yards with a few hedges, because they require a lot of effort, which will become tiring if you use them for long periods. However, they do offer a sharp and clean cut.


It is widely believed that manual shears offer a sharper and cleaner cut. This is true, and it is easier to sharpen the blades of a pair of manual shears.

They also make next to no noise and will not disturb your neighbors. You can prune your hedges whenever you want without worrying about being a nuisance. Manual shears often have shock absorbing features, so they are easier on your joints.


The thing is, manual shears also rely on your strength. They only go for as long as you do, and they require a lot of effort. When you have a of hedges, this gets tiresome and a bit of an annoyance.


This type of hedge trimmer is perfect for hedges that are far away from the house, and stubborn hedges. We have all faced a hedge with thick branches that refuse to give way no matter what you do. A gasoline-powered cutter is exactly what you need.


More powerful than battery-powered trimmers, and more portable than corded electric trimmers.


They are heavy, make a lot of noise and vibration. Like a chainsaw, they can be very hard to start.

Long Reach/Extendable

These cutters are perfect for long hedges, since they are the safest way to trim a tall hedge.


They are safe and get to the top of tall hedges without you having to get a ladder. They come in electric, cordless, and petrol as well.


They are weak, they’re naturally unbalanced and can be tricky to use.

Wrapping Up

All our yards are different. You need to be sure that whatever you get is not something that your friend recommended, but rather something that works for your yard. Take your time and choose your next trusty friend!

If you need more help on deciding, take a look at our buying guide​ and the basics about how to use one.

Did you have this dilemma? Which choice did you make? Let us know in the comments!

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