Curved vs Straight String Trimmers

curved vs straight string trimmer

You are in the market for a new string trimmer. You may be a new customer, or someone who has done this before. Either way, you are here with a big question. Curved or straight? There is an answer, but it depends wholly on you. ​You might also want to learn about ​how a string trimmer works and how to actually use one.


Curved trimmers and straight trimmers look almost exactly alike when you look on the inside. The only difference is the shaft. A curved trimmer has a slight curve on the end, while a straight trimmer’s strings are longer and completely straight.

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The curved trimmer is ideal for a small to medium yard and is not designed for commercial use. It will get the job done and is lighter with a better balance. It is also more cost effective when compared to straight trimmers.

They do come with fewer extras though. Curved trimmers are meant to be taken out once a week and be used on a small yard. They are not meant for heavy-duty work in major yards several times a day.

The design is basic, and it was built with people of a smaller stature in mind. Thanks to the simple structure, it is ideal for basic backyard maintenance. They are easy to store and move around, and are perfect for getting rid of those annoying weeds and stubborn blades of grass.

They do well as precision tools and were designed to be lightweight, so you will not get tired so quickly when using one.


  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Portable & does not take up too much space, which makes storage a breeze
  • You have increased control


  • Doesn't have a long reach
  • Can be tough to get around obstructions
  • Can be hard to keep the head level


The shaft of a straight trimmer is longer. This makes it a little stronger and more versatile than its curved counterpart. It is also very versatile and can do more heavy-duty jobs.

But, this means that it is heavier and more difficult to control. The straight trimmer can take on bigger jobs and is generally used commercially. Its design also makes it ideal for taller people and bigger yards.

Although the curved trimmer is better at swinging motions, this model can reach under obstacles such as bushes. It has a longer reach, but it makes you lean forward more, which could put a strain on you, especially if you are a taller person.

Straight trimmers often have more powerful engines, but this makes them bulkier and a little more difficult to use than the curved counterpart. The extra power can also result in the straight trimmer making more noise and vibration.

With a curved trimmer, you can easily get rid of pesky weeds in a small yard. But a straight trimmer is more flexible and has a greater reach. This means that it is better for larger and more elaborate yards. They also tend to last longer.


  • The straight trimmer usually comes with different head choices
  • It is strong
  • You can get a more precise cut from the straight shaft trimmer


  • More power means more weight
  • The vibration is increased which makes it a little harder to control
  • They tend to throw up debris

Which is Best?

There is no clear answer. You need to look at your situation, and the needs of your yard. A curved shaft will not work on a massive yard with a lot of low-hanging plants. And a straight shaft will seem a bit excessive in a small yard with few obstructions.

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