How to Clean a Swimming Pool after Winter

Essentially, learning how to clean a swimming pool is like learning how to do some spring cleaning for your pool after the cold winter season. Here are the steps you need to take so you know how to clean a swimming pool after winter.

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First Steps

Clean And Store The Cover

The first step in how to clean a swimming pool after winter, you need to address the cover. You have kept the cover on the pool throughout the winter season and it is time that you properly store it away. Remove the cover and clean it. Make sure that you wash it properly so that all the dirt and grime that might have accumulated on it over the winter is removed. Let it dry out properly under the sun before storing it away.

Restore The Water Level

Next, you will need to restore the water level. Since you did not use the pool over the course of the colder months, the water level might have dropped due to natural evaporation. Fill the pool back up to a reasonable level.


Test Your Chemicals

It is best to test the chemical levels in the water early on right after you fill it back up. If you are using the water from the mainline, the pH level will already be corrected. It is still recommended that you check the pH level. You also need to make sure that you check out how the salt and the chlorine levels stand once you’ve let the pool settle.

Balance Your Chemicals

Once you have checked everything out, the next step is to balance out the chemical composition. When you fill up the water, the chlorine levels will obviously be lower than the requirements of a swimming pool. Make sure you add the chemicals in an appropriate quantity to bring the levels back into the safe range, as recommended for your pool type. Balance out the pH levels as well if they are not up to the mark.

Shock Treatment

There is also a chance that the pool might have plenty of algae by the time the warmer months arrive and if that is indeed the case, you need shock the algae out. It is a simple matter of adding the right shocking chemicals to your pool to remove the algae.

Next Steps

Run The Filter Overnight

Once you have the chemical composition of the water and the water levels corrected, you need to let your pool’s filtration system do its work. It is the most vital part of the process of how to clean up a swimming pool after winter. There is the likelihood that over the course of the cold months, dirt might have accumulated in the pool. Leaving it running overnight will clear everything out.


Once you have shocked the algae, you need to start vacuuming the pool. While the filter will already be doing a good enough job of clearing up the pool, vacuuming it will make the process a lot faster. It is ideal to use flocculant so that the algae accumulate into chunks. That makes them easier to remove.

Maintain Your Pool

Once you are done vacuuming and removing all the algae, let the water filtration system for your pool every day for at least a little while and in almost no time at all, you will have cleaned the pool.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to clean a swimming pool is not that hard. Once you clean it all up and take care of the general maintenance for your pool, you can expect to have some clean water to enjoy the warmer months in for the rest of the year.

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