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How Does a Snow Blower Work?

A man using a snow blower

Parts of a Snow Blower A snow blower consists of several different parts, which work together to help you clear snow from your property. A spinning auger, powered by a motor pushes snow into a discharge chute. The power of the engine shoots out the snow to the side and out of the way. Here […]

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What Size Snow Blower Do I Need?

Orange snow blower

If you’re confused by the many different sizes & types of snow blowers available, read on & we’ll demystify the options for you. Once you’ve made your mind up, have a look at our guides to the best cordless snow blower, the best electric snow blower and the best gas snow blower. Inlet Height When […]

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Electric vs Gas Snow Blowers

Electric vs Gas Snow Blowers

The three main types of snow blowers you can invest in this winter are corded electric, cordless electric and gas-powered blowers. Although they have their advantages and disadvantages, they’re all powerful, capable devices for blowing snow out of your driveway and walkways. To help you choose which one to go with, follow our guide comparing the […]

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The Best Gas Snow Blower – 2019

Gas Snow Blower

While corded electric and cordless snow blowers are becoming more capable each year, for many people the only realistic option for clearing snow from sidewalks, driveways and yards is a gas snow blower.While they are generally more expensive, both to buy and to maintain, than electric snow blowers (though not always), decent gas snow blowers […]

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