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The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven – 2019

If you’re a pizza lover, what better way to enjoy your favourite food than cooking it outside with friends and family? With a little practice you can easily make a much better pizza than what you could get delivered from the pizza chains. Unfortunately, traditional wood-burning brick ovens are a little on the expensive side. However, […]

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The Best Garden Weeders – 2019

Best Garden Weeders

Garden weeders are essential tools for anyone who enjoys gardening. Gone are the days of backbreaking labor in the garden beds and lawn, pulling out weeds by hand. Now there are many tools available to help keep the weeds at bay, while leaving you with enough time and energy to enjoy the fruits of your […]

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The Best String Trimmers – 2019

Garden Tool Reviews

String trimmers are becoming an integral part of home maintenance. These garden tools have  revolutionised what used to be an arduous and dangerous chore – trimming weeds and long grass with manual tools. Other names used to refer to them are ‘weed eaters’ and ‘weed whackers’. Here are the 5 most popular string trimmers on the market today:​#5 […]

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