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How To Use A Leaf Blower No ratings yet.

gas leaf blower

A leaf blower is a great help when maintaining your yard, garden, or lawn. Rather than scraping an ineffective rake along the ground, a leaf blower quickly and efficiently moves leaves and small debris with little effort. Read on and find out how to use a leaf blower.Keep Safety In MindFirst things first, it’s important […]

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  • Updated August 8, 2018
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How to Get into Metal Detecting 4/5 (1)

How to Get into Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is an amazing hobby that can be rewarding from a monetary angle as well as from a historical one, depending on what you happen to come across. That being said, there are many frequently asked questions people have about it, such as “how do I get started?”ResearchJust like with any other hobby, you […]

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  • Updated January 15, 2019
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How to Read a Metal Detector 4.2/5 (5)

How to Read a Metal Detector

I decided to take up metal detecting a few years ago. Not a big fan of exercising, I figured metal detecting would reward me for getting out and moving. Unfortunately, my first time exploring left me disappointed. I found nothing! And I didn’t have the first idea how to read a metal detector. After months of […]

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  • Updated September 27, 2017
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How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector 5/5 (1)

How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector

[lmt-post-modified-info] As children, we all heard stories of long lost treasures out there in the world for us to discover. We longed to be able to go on a grand adventure to hunt down a big red X on a map that would lead us to fortune. But, for some people, it’s not all about […]

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  • Updated January 21, 2019
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