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How to Get into Metal Detecting 4/5 (1)

How to Get into Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is an amazing hobby that can be rewarding from a monetary angle as well as from a historical one, depending on what you happen to come across. That being said, there are many frequently asked questions people have about it, such as “how do I get started?”ResearchJust like with any other hobby, you […]

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  • Updated January 15, 2019
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How to Read a Metal Detector 4/5 (4)

How to Read a Metal Detector

I decided to take up metal detecting a few years ago. Not a big fan of exercising, I figured metal detecting would reward me for getting out and moving. Unfortunately, my first time exploring left me disappointed. I found nothing! And I didn’t have the first idea how to read a metal detector. After months of […]

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  • Updated September 27, 2017
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How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector 5/5 (1)

How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector

[lmt-post-modified-info] As children, we all heard stories of long lost treasures out there in the world for us to discover. We longed to be able to go on a grand adventure to hunt down a big red X on a map that would lead us to fortune. But, for some people, it’s not all about […]

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  • Updated January 21, 2019
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How to Clean Old Coins Found Metal Detecting 4.17/5 (6)

how to clean coins found metal detecting

Finding coins while metal detecting can be exciting and rewarding especially when you find older coins. Depending on the condition they are in and the rarity of the coin, you may fetch a better price if you are to sell them if they’re legible. Before you start cleaning your coins, it’s important for you to […]

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  • Updated January 18, 2019
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