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The Best Electric Garden Shredder – 2019

Electric garden shredder

Turning leaves and branches into useful compost or mulch with an electric garden shredder is a great eco-friendly way to clean up your yard. Collecting this debris in garbage bags and hauling away is not only time consuming but can be costly.​ A chipper or shredder can eliminate this process and allow you to utilize nature’s debris […]

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How to Maintain a Garden: Top 7 Tips

how to maintain a garden

With spring in the air, life is returning to gardens left and right. Flowers are blooming and veggies are growing.Or at least, that’s what you see at your friend’s house or on the internet.These people seem to have some sort of magical ability when it comes to how to maintain a garden. Maybe they have […]

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The Best Garden Cart – 2019

The Best Lawn Cart

If you need to haul bags of mulch or compost, move pot plants around, or any other chores in your garden involving moving heavy objects, give your back a rest & invest in a garden cart. Smaller & more versatile than a wheelbarrow, garden carts come in various sizes and capabilities.After many hours of in-depth […]

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How to Aerate Your Lawn

how to aerate lawn

If you’re hoping to take better care of your lawn this year, you probably want to do everything you can to give it the best chance to thrive.If you’re not yet sure how to aerate your lawn, this will make a huge difference in its health and appearance.According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, […]

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How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

Lawn mower

There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly mown grass.When Edwin Beard Budding invented the lawn mower in 1830, he gave all homeowners the chance to create their own, neatly cut lawns.Of course, the lawn mowers used today are far more technical that his initial device, and require a little bit more care.Today’s mowers, with […]

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Best Garden Weeders (2019)

Best Garden Weeders

Garden weeders are essential tools for anyone who enjoys gardening. Gone are the days of backbreaking labor in the garden beds and lawn, pulling out weeds by hand. Now there are many tools available to help keep the weeds at bay, while leaving you with enough time and energy to enjoy the fruits of your […]

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The Best String Trimmers – 2019

Garden Tool Reviews

String trimmers are becoming an integral part of home maintenance. These garden tools have  revolutionised what used to be an arduous and dangerous chore – trimming weeds and long grass with manual tools. Other names used to refer to them are ‘weed eaters’ and ‘weed whackers’. Here are the 5 most popular string trimmers on the market today:​#5 […]

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