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Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower

Lawn mower

IntroductionIf the noise and chatter of a gas-powered lawn mower set your teeth on edge, an electric mower (either battery-powered or mains powered) may be just the tool you need. However, they don’t work in every application, so you’ll need to consider your choice carefully to make sure you’re not struggling with an under-powered mower. Once […]

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Electric vs Gas Leaf Blowers

Electric vs Gas Leaf Blowers

A leaf blower can be a valuable addition to your collection of lawn equipment. The type of engine in a blower, gas or electric, is probably the biggest factor in determining how the machine operates and caters to your needs. This factor affects such things as the power output, weight, maneuverability, maintenance costs, and noise […]

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Best Cordless Leaf Blowers (2019)

If you want a​ leaf blower, ​but minus the noise, fumes & expense of a gasoline blower, and the area you need to clear is not within reach of the power outlet that a corded electric leaf blower would need, perhaps you should consider a cordless leaf blower. ​In this article, we have ​looked at […]

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Best Cordless Chainsaws (2019)

If you need to cut off fall foliage and make sure that your trees are in perfect health, perhaps you should invest in a chainsaw. The latest cordless chainsaws are far more capable and powerful than those available just a few years ago – in some cases, they are comparable to gasoline saws. Table of […]

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The Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer (2019)

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Do you need to keep bushes, hedges or shrubs under control without back-breaking labor? If your garden isn’t huge, maybe a corded electric hedge trimmer is your best bet.Lighter & quieter than gas powered trimmers, cheaper & more powerful than their cordless equivalents, and much less tiring to use than traditional manual shears, electric hedge […]

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8 Garden Trends to Brighten Your Home’s Exterior

garden trends

A garden is a little piece of nature that’s close to home, and that’s why a lot of people love it. Gardens can also provide places for family gatherings and harvesting vegetables, which are trending right now. What other garden trends are going strong in 2017? What is out in the gardening world? We have curated eight garden trends […]

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The Best Garden Cultivators – 2019

Garden Tool Reviews

Garden cultivators are small tilling machines used for home gardens and small lawns. Cultivators till the soil, loosening and aerating them for planting seeds.  Cultivators may also be used for killing weeds by uprooting them or covering their leaves, preventing photosynthesis. They’re a great help in maintaining your garden. So here are the 5 best garden cultivators/tillers:The […]

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