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How Does a Leaf Blower Work?

Leaf Blower in Action

When the fall season rolls around and the leaves start to drop from the trees, it becomes harder to keep your lawn and pathways in order. A leaf blower can make for a far quicker clean-up job than simply using a manual rake or broom.If you’re deciding which type of leaf blower to buy, or […]

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Plastic vs Steel Lawn Cart

Steel lawn cart full of mulch

Lawn carts offer a lot of convenience in the garden for a varying number of applications, from clearing away clippings to carrying mulch. There are two main materials which are used in lawn carts: plastic and steel. We’re going to compare the two to see which one fares better. Plastic Lawn CartTo settle the plastic […]

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How to Use A Hedge Trimmer

Beautiful garden with hedges

Before You Begin – Safety FirstBefore you learn how to use a hedge trimmer, it is important to remember that safety always comes first. That is why you need to have a clean and clear space to work, which will also help you avoid cutting anything other than the hedges.  Once you’ve learned how to […]

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How To Use A String Trimmer

Man using string trimmer

Using a String Trimmer SafelyThe first and most important part of learning how to use a string trimmer is to check your safety precautions. Make sure you check the area before you start trimming. Remove anything and everything from the area – if you hit any debris while trimming, you’re very likely to send it flying. […]

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How Does A Hedge Trimmer Work?

Gasoline Hedge trimmer

Parts of a Hedge Trimmer In order to understand how a hedge trimmer works, it is important to look at its different parts and the role they play. While hedge trimmers come in different types, shapes and sizes, there are some essentials that all hedge trimmers share. As you are about take a look this […]

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How Does a Lawn Mower Work?

Lawn Mower at work

Types of Lawn Mowers Not all lawn mowers are made the same. There are different types of lawn mowers out there and each of them brings its characteristics to the table. If you want to know how a lawn mower works, keep reading: Rotary Mower One of the most common types of lawn mowers, rotary […]

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Electric vs Gas Hedge Trimmers

If you’re trying to decide between gas and electric hedge trimmers, we’ve laid all the information out for you below, so you can make the best decision. Once you’ve decided which type is best for you, have a look at our review of the best corded-electric hedge trimmers here and the best cordless hedge trimmers […]

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How To Oil Hedge Trimmer Blades

Gardener with hedge trimmer

Why Should You Oil The Blades?One of the main causes of early, unexpected failure of hedge trimmers is the fact that people don’t maintain them. Just like any other mechanical device with moving parts, if you want your hedge trimmer to function properly in the long run, you need to maintain it.Hedge trimmer blades will […]

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