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How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

charcoal grill detail

How Often Should You Clean Your Charcoal Grill? The first thing you need to understand before you learn how to clean a charcoal grill is how often you should do it. If you own one and use it quite often, you should give it a good cleaning session at least twice per season. Even if you […]

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The Best Smoker – 2019

Smokers have been used for years to infuse food with a smoky flavor that you just can’t get with any other cooking method. Not only do they make food taste great but they also become a talking point amongst friends and family. If someone is using a smoker then you can bet they will have friends […]

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The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven – 2019

If you’re a pizza lover, what better way to enjoy your favourite food than cooking it outside with friends and family? With a little practice you can easily make a much better pizza than what you could get delivered from the pizza chains. Unfortunately, traditional wood-burning brick ovens are a little on the expensive side. However, […]

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