Cold Weather & Cardiovascular Health

The annual ending certainly entails drops in temperatures and the much awaited, or rather dreaded, snowfall in various areas. As beautiful as this phenomenon is, heaps of this white dust calls for some extra labor. For majority of the population, shoveling snow might not be that much of a strain; but for some, this task […]

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How To Winterize Pressure Washers

A prevalent error regarding pressure washers that many users make is storing the machine in their shed or garage just like that. Without proper preparation and storage, often times a perfectly good pressure washer can lose its otherwise healthy life very quickly over time. Imagine you are about to go on a hiatus, but you […]

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Electric Vs. Gas Pressure Washers

Pressure washers expedite an array of outdoor cleaning tasks. You can clean your patio, driveway, outdoor furniture, etc. to name a few. Pressure washers are also a popular choice of many people for cleaning cars and motorcycles. These machines clear off the toughest layers of dirt and grime from surfaces by spraying water through a […]

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Best Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oils (2019)

Chainsaws are one of the most versatile tools one can own. Not only for cutting down trees, chainsaws can also be used for chopping up wood pieces and occasional trimming unruly bushes. Performing such heavy-duty tasks, chainsaws, especially the bars and chains, are susceptible to rusting, corrosion along with wear and tear. Often, users end […]

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How To Oil Your Pole Saw or Chainsaw

Like every other tool, pole saws or chainsaws too require maintenance and lubrication to deliver optimum performance and have a long life. Simply put, you take care of the tools, they take care of your needs.​ Chainsaws, itself ​as well as the pole attached ones, comprise several functional parts that need regular attention, but in […]

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