Best Wind Chimes (2019)

First used in ancient Rome and the far East thousands of years ago, wind chimes were believed to ward off evil spirits. They were used in many other countries, like India or Japan, for the same reason surprisingly. We say surprisingly because back in those times, the countries were not known to each other so well, yet the people of these different places used wind chimes for the same reason.  This makes the ornament a symbol of the unity we all ought to have.

Regardless of the ancient belief, wind chimes make an excellent addition to any garden or meditation area. They come in various shapes and sizes, orchestrating different tones depending on the materials used. You should find a place to hang your wind chime where the wind blows consistently. If you live in a windy area, it's best to partly shelter the chime from the worst of the weather. And while you’re at it, take a look at our article on how to string one.

Our favorite wind chime in 2019 is still the Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime. This is a good-sized, decent quality wind chime, that plays the melody "Amazing Grace" when the wind catches it.

On this page we’ll look at the most popular wind chimes you can currently buy. The prices vary but they are mostly cheap to grab a hold of.

#1 Woodstock "Amazing Grace" - ​Our top choice

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The Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime is a traditionally styled metal wind chime. It is tuned to play the opening bars of "Amazing Grace" when the wind blows.

It has 6 hollow aluminum tubes, so you don't have to worry about rust (aluminum cannot rust). The tubes are suspended from a bamboo top. The wind catcher is also bamboo. The strings are weather-resistant braided nylon. You can also customize the wind catcher with your own design or engraving if you wish (though the manufacturer doesn't offer this service - you would need to organize this yourself).

The total length is 24 inches and weighs 1.4 Lbs. There are also 15 inch and 40 inch versions available. The chimes are fully assembled in the packaging - all you need is to find or install a convenient hook to hang them from. This wind instrument has been precision tuned to make a wonderful sound when the wind blows - listen to the video below for a sample.

This is usually slightly more expensive than the cheapest wind chimes, but in our opinion, worth the extra few dollars, considering the size and quality. Woodstock has been around for over 30 years and is still run by the Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer who founded the company. While the chimes are manufactured in China these days, the company is still American-owned and operated; they design all their chimes in the USA.

This model comes with a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer. Woodstock also guarantees the tuning for life!

[amazon box="B00026W5UK"]

#2 ​Nalulu Floral Bamboo Wind Chime

​​The Nalulu floral bamboo wind chime is a rustic one, with its cap made of a coconut ​shell and tubes with open-flame burned designs. Nalulu claims the coconut symbolizes a fresh start. It has a stainless steel hook and a sizeable clapper for loud vibrations. The chime is also finished with double varnish layers.

​These chimes are ​hand crafted by Balinese artisans and have a range  of exotic designs. The assembled length is around 30 inches for ​this medium sized chime and ​weighs only around 11.2 ounces. The large ones ​can be as long as 42 inches. All the chimes ​are delivered already assembled and provide a calm soothing effect overall.

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[amazon box="B07GKYGTF4"]

#​3 Pixpri Elegant Metal Design Wind chime

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The Pixpri elegant ​wind chime ​is just over 30 inches from top to bottom. Like the Woodstock chimes, the tubes in this one are hollow aluminum as well. It plays a B Pentatonic scale - have a listen to them in the video below.

The Pixpri chimes are fully assembled​ and ​with an S-hook, so you can hang them just about anywhere. They are quite sturdy also, weighing around 2.5 Lbs.

[amazon box="B01GBRJ6YG"]

#​4 ​Kearui Solar Wind Chime

​The Kearui solar wind chime is an outdoor ornament with 8 tubes - 4 ​aluminum and 4 acrylic tubes​ with solar led lights. The wind chime weighs around 1 Lbs. and is waterproof, meaning it can endure any weather condition. However, it doesn't necessarily ​make it immune to being​ submerged in a pool of water for a long time.

​The lights are multi colored and change automatically between an array of colors. They are powered by a solar panel, which also serves as the ​top piece, and light up spontaneously as it gets dark as the panel has light sensors as well. Being solar powered, no additional power source is required and can run up ​to15 hours when fully charged. This unit too plays the 'Amazing Grace' tune and can make a perfect gift for the holiday season.

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[amazon box="​B07W711K7W"]

#​​5 ​Woodstock 17 Inch Mars Wind Chime

[amazon fields="B00012NUMM" value="thumb" image="2" image_size="​large"]

These chimes come in a very stylish bronze color. ​ There are 5 tubes of varying sizes and emit different tones when they strike each other. ​ They hang from a bubinga finished wooden top section. ​ There is a wind catcher attached to the bottom to make the magic happen.

[amazon box="B00012NUMM"]

#​​​6 ​​​Blue Handworks Waterfall Glass Wind Chime

​This ​Blue Handworks glass wind chime is another handcrafted delight from Bali. The top is made of a driftwood piece, hand collected by villagers, and so each wind chime varies in the overall length from 15 to 18 inches, as the pieces of wood are not identical. The frosted glass leaves come in different color combinations; this one having a blend of green and blue is named Ocean Blue.

This wind chime weighs around 8 ounces only and comes with a key-ring style attachment. The name has the word waterfall in it due to the triangular arrangement of the leaves, resembling a cascading waterfall. As it is a very delicate piece, it is advised to hang this way from strong wings and in a sheltered area.

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[amazon box="​B00DW41JTW"]

#​​7 ​Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Wind Chime

[amazon fields="B000EUCNP6" value="thumb" image="​1" image_size="​large"]

If you want something a bit more classical, then this might be the chime​ for you. It has been specifically tuned to play the notes of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon. The silver tubes are very stylish and hang from a black ash finished top. It comes with a matching black wind catcher also.

[amazon box="B000EUCNP6"]

#​8 ​Brazilian agate slices Wind Chime

​This Brazilian wind chime is handmade in using volcanic Agate gemstones with naturally formed patterns. Since the design is made by nature itself, it would be difficult to find pieces resembling each other. This attribute makes this piece one of a kind!

The wind chimes is 18 inches long, weighs around 9.6 Lbs. and makes soft, soothing ​clinks. The stones being very light are able to sway about at even the lightest drifts of wind. Moreover, the seller offers a 2-year, full refund​ guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this beautiful embellishment.

[amazon fields="B01FRGD3ZU" value="thumb" image="1" image_size="​large"]

[amazon box="​B01FRGD3ZU"]

#​9 Banberry Designs "In Loving Memory" Chime

[amazon fields="B01M620PQT" value="thumb" image="​​​​4" image_size="​large"]

The intent of this chime, with their hauntingly beautiful melody, is to serve as a reminder of a departed ​dear one, and in this case - a mother. They are beautifully made, though a little smaller than most of the other chimes here.

The wind chime is about 15 inches long and weighs only 7.2 ounces. The "In Loving Memory" chime​ will provide a long-lasting remembrance of your loved one.

[amazon box="B07RST9FR9"]

#​​10 ​Cohasset Gifts 126 Bamboo Wind Chime

​This Cohasset bamboo wind chime is another Balinese creation. This particular piece is the large sized one, weighing around 1 Lb. and is 30 inches long. There are two other sizes available as well - medium and small.

The top in this one is made out of a coconut shell as well, and has 6 hand painted tubes attached to it. It comes fully assembled and with a hook. The nylon strings make this product all the more sturdy. As it is made with intent of using outdoors, the chime is finished with a layer of varnish, which you can always reapply to bring back some life when it starts to show signs of age.

[amazon fields="​B000XJXN5W" value="thumb" image="​3" image_size="​​medium"]

[amazon box="​​B000XJXN5W"]

What material makes the best wind chimes? 

Wind chimes can be made of a few different materials. The resultant tune gets a unique touch depending on which material it is made of.

​Metal wind chimes, frequently made of copper, aluminum or steel, produce sharp, tinkling sounds. Apart from creating a melody for the human ear, the sound also scares away birds or rodents when the wind is strong enough. Metal chimes are readily available and commonly seen as they are inexpensive and, in some cases, rust free. If you are someone who prefers soft and delicate tones, copper chimes should be good for you. Aluminum and steel chime tunes are much sharper and distinct.

Wood wind chimes, mostly made from bamboo, are very popular as the sound it creates has a much wider variety, depending on factors like the tube density, length, etc. Bamboo tubes can make tunes like bass, mezzo, soprano, tenor and alto. Some users also prefer the casual clattering sound the tubes make. Overall, wood wind chimes provide you with a calm and soothing effect from the background.

Ceramic wind chimes are usually are hung inside the house and mainly to decorate a space rather than the conventional tune-creating purpose. As the material is denser and easily breakable, it is not opted for areas with strong winds. On account of the material type, the sound produced by ceramic chimes are short and sharp, they don’t reverberate like the metal ones.

Glass wind chimes are the ones that make the most high-pitched chimings of all. Needless to say, being made of glass, they are very delicate and need to handled with care. But like all the others, they make an excellent ornament for any house.

Other materials include various recycled substances and oyster shells. As these materials are very light and gentle, they don’t produce tunes but rather soft tappings. They are mainly intended towards the visual appeal.

Having said all these, the answer to the question that which material makes the best wind chime depends on your specific need and area. If you are looking for a chime to be placed outdoors in areas with strong winds, metal chimes would be more appropriate as they are sturdy and rust free in case of aluminum. Wood chimes can be used outdoors as well but they are susceptible to weathering and might have to be replaced frequently.

Now out of these two, metal ones make sharp, resonating sounds while wood chimes make shorter and softer sounds. Therefore, metal chimes would make a great addition to a jolly and lively setting, while wood chimes would enhance the harmony in a tranquil and relaxed zone.

For indoor and decorative purposes primarily, ceramic and glass wind chimes would be better, as they are made of delicate substances and might not be able to withstand strong currents of wind. Both of these types make short tunes, but glass ones tend to have a shrill and sharper sound compared to ceramic ones which make a sort of blunt and softer sound. You can choose either type as an ornament to embellish your home depending on which one appeases your ears more.

Do you own any of the wind chimes mentioned here? Did you choose a different one? Let us know in the comments!

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I read this article and like the details. I was searching for the best one and then my friend suggests me about Upblend Outdoors wind chimes. I bought the 29 inches long wind chimes from amazon and I’ve always hung wind chimes in patio. Its sooting melodic sound makes my morning. Anyone who like to add beautiful melodies to their environment they should buy these.


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