Best Pool Floats For Tanning Review (2020)

The most anticipated summer pastime is probably any activity related to pools. The United States alone is home to over 10 million residential swimming pools - that should tell you how popular pool time is. And the next trendy summer activity has to be tanning without doubt. This is where pool floats come in. Floating on the cool waters, while basking in the warm rays, is a scene anyone would vote for. So, here we are, hoping to make your summer way more fun, with our reviews on what we feel are the best pool floats for tanning.

Pool float tanning

Due to the reflective property of water, tanning is rather faster when floatign on a pool. Around 30% of the UV rays from the sun are reflected by pool water. Besides, the large surface area of a pool also speeds up the process. Some people would refrain from swimming under the sun, as the presence of chlorine usually results in a sunburn rather than a tan. So tanning while floating is a much safer and more preferred.

Our top choice is the Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge. This brand has been in business for over 40 years and their products are readily available in more than 100 countries. Since the past 10 years or more, Intex has also endeavored towards ''safe & sustainable'' productions. They have multiple patents and have successfully delivered quality products throughout the years. The brand name alone was an important factor behind our top choice to be honest. Moreover, customer reviews of the Rockin' Lounge was impressively high as well. 


Just a heads up - most of the products we chose are from Intex. But in no way are we or the reviews biased towards to the brand or its products. Only after careful deliberation and harsh scrutiny, the contenders made their place on the list. Rest assured, we do regard the following items are indeed some of the best pool floats for tanning you can buy in 2020.

Product comparison table

1. Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge Float

Best Overall pool float

The Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge pool float is as comfortable as it can get. The contoured design is what makes this float unique and gives pretty snug feeling. The float features a curved shape, which makes it feel like a rocking chair on water, and a cup holder. Although it might seem that it can flip over anytime, but its adequate length and width prevents this from turning over when afloat.

The structure comprises two air chambers and can withstand 220 Lbs. of weight. The approximate deflated size is 74" x 39" and the float comes with a replacement patch. Just ensure that you clean it properly after use and store it as per instructions.

Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge, 74' X 39'


  • Thoughtful design
  • Has a cup holder
  • Budget friendly


  • Material might degrade if not stored carefully
  • Can be too big for small pools

2. Kelsyus Deluxe Chaise Lounger

best Premium Pool float

Kelsyus Deluxe Inflatable Mesh Floating Chaise Swimming Pool Lounger, Diamond

The Kelsyus Deluxe Chaise Lounger is an upgraded version of a traditional pool raft with a typical lounger design for the back rest. This float won't keep you completely dry and out of water - so it's more suited for those who are looking to get partially submerged while tanning. The inflated dimensions of the floater are 60" x 41" x 18" and can support adults weighing up to 250 Lbs.

The seat in this float is made of fabric mesh, with spring coils along the edge of the structure. This gives additional support in water and makes the folding-unfolding convenient. The design doesn't forget to employ a cup holder and features clips on the sides that allow you to tie the float up to a dock or a boat. It also features jet valve technology which makes the process of inflating and deflating much quicker.


  • Fabric surface
  • Jet valve technology
  • Can be tethered


  • Not for users who prefer to remain dry
  • On the pricier end

3. Intex Floating Recliner Lounge

best Mid ranged float

The Intex Floating Recliner Lounge pool float is another popular delivery by Intex. Unlike the first one, this vinyl float has a chair like design with armrests, which is equally comfortable. It has not one, but two cup holders, along with sturdy handles on the sides. Overall, the build quality is quite impressive. One satisfied customer reported that it stood up to the Florida heat for 2 years and running.

The structure has two air chambers and the maximum weight limit is 220 Lbs. The approximate deflated size of this floater is 71" x 53". However, this item does not come with any replacement patch and is available in one color only. Like any other pool accessory, due to the sensitive material, storing it properly is a must.

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge, 71in X 53in, Multicolor


  • Moderately priced
  • Two cup holders
  • Sturdy handles


  • Limited to one color option
  • Some consumers found it tippy to get on or off

4. Intex King kool Inflatable Lounge

Best Budget friendly pool float

Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge, 63' X 33.5' , 1 Pack (Colors May Vary)

Another product by Intex, the King Kool Inflatable Lounge pool float, comes with a head rest, back rest and arm rests, along with an ottoman style foot rest. That is, there is a gap between the seating area and the place to rest your feet, enabling the user to dip their toes occasionally.

It's deflated size is 63" x 33.5" and maximum weight capacity is 220 Lbs. like the previous one. The design integrates a single cup holder and offers two different colors. This vinyl pool float also comes with a repair patch. And the price is super reasonable.


  • Lucrative price
  • Noteworthy comfort


  • Some consumers found patching it up difficult
  • Some units are reported to have faulty seams

5. Aqua Catalina XL Hammock Multipurpose Float

best Multipurpose float

The Aqua Catalina XL Hammock pool float is not your conventional pool float for tanning. It's a hammock style float which can be used as a drifter or a hammock. This particular item is for two people but is also available for one person, which can be used as a chair or exercise saddle also.

It's made of cool-weave fabric and features dual-lock valves on the air pillows. The hammock measures 50" x 52", comes in two colors and can carry up to 450 Lbs. The one-person hammock comes in more than two colors / prints and can stand 250 Lbs. Be wary, this is not meant to keep you dry. The mesh seating is designed for those who enjoy summer time splashes. As it is made of fabric, with only a relatively small space to blow-up, it's fairly easy to inflate / deflate and is very convenient to carry around.

Aqua 2-in-1 Catalina XL Pool Float and Water Hammock – 1-2 Person, Multi-Purpose Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults with Patented Thick, Non-Stick PVC Material – Teal/White Stripe


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Decent quality for the price


  • Mesh fabric might be unsuitable for some users
  • Some units were found to have faulty air valves

6. Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Pool Mattress 

best Two-Person float

Airhead SUN COMFORT COOL SUEDE Double Pool Mattress, Sapphire (AHSC-018)

The Airhead Sun Comfort Mattress, made of suede feel fabric, is yet another unconventional pool float for tanning. As the name states, it's more of a mattress, measuring 89" x 73", and fit for two people (maximum weight capacity is not mentioned). It's also available for one person and comes in three vibrant colors.

The fabric finish prevents slipping or sliding and does not end up feeling sticky over time. The pillows on it are attached via velcro and are removable. The design shows evenly spaced holes on the mattress which results in the users being partially immersed in a shallow pool of water.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Can balance uneven weight distribution


  • Susceptible to mold if stored incorrectly
  • Color tends to fade

7. Aqua Ultra Comfort Recliner Lounge

best Premium Two-Person float

The Aqua Ultra Comfort Recliner Lounge, our premium two-person pool float choice, is made of hydro-dynamic luxurious cozi-soft cooling fabric material, which is 40% thicker than most pool floats and is designed for heavy-duty. It measures 64" x 53" and can stand up to 500 Lbs.

The float is oversized and has a comfortable back rest. However, it is fixed in place and not adjustable, which might be an issue for some. The design features boarding handles, loop anchor points for docking and two cup holders. There are one-person options available in different designs.

Aqua Ultra-Comfort Floating Pool Chair & Lake Raft with Pillow – 2-Person Heavy Duty Pool Float, Lake Floating Chair – Navy/White Stripe


  • Heavy-duty float
  • Sturdy build material


  • Expensive
  • Some users found the back rest position to be awkward

Things to look for in a good pool float

We considered the following factors to decide on the top pool floats for tanning. When you go out for buying one, do check these out.

1) Material

Vinyl and nylon fabrics are leading the market now. They are lightweight, durable and safer.

2) Multiple Air Chambers

Sure it means that you have to inflate more than one part of a float, and it can be tiring. But it is an excellent safety measure. This feature prevents the entire float from sinking because of small leak on any secondary area, like the arm rests for instance.

3) Support / Backrests

It's essential to have a strong support and comfortable back rests at convenient angles for you to enjoy the experience of floating. Since the surface under you is liquid, if these two factors are wrong, your entire posture could feel awkward and distressing. 

4) Miscellaneous

Pool floats for tanning are all about relaxing. Features like cup holders, tethering ports, handles, repair patch kit, etc. are some additional features that can enhance the level of your relaxation and let you have an enjoyable summer altogether.

Did you choose a different one? Let us know in the comments!

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