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A corded-electric lawn mower can save you a lot of money in comparison to a pricier gasoline-powered model, not only on the upfront purchase costs, but also in terms of ongoing maintenance and refueling. What’s more, electric lawn mowers don’t come with all the same drawbacks associated with gasoline models.

If you don't have a massive lawn, and don't want the noise, hassle, maintenance, and expense of a gasoline mower, you should consider a corded electric lawn mower.

You will need a power outlet within a reasonable distance of your lawn if you decide on a corded electric mower - if you don't have one, have a look at our cordless lawn mower review, our gas lawn mower review, or our manual push mower review (if you have a smaller lawn).

You should always use a GFCI power outlet for any corded electrical equipment being used outdoors, including lawn mowers.

You will need a power outlet within a reasonable distance of your yard if you decide on a corded electric mower - if you don't have one, have a look at our cordless lawn mower review.

Spoiler alert - our favorite corded mower is the Greenworks 25022 - it's available at a reasonable price, easy to assemble, lightweight, and capable of handling most lawns.

If you're on a budget, the Sun Joe MJ401E might be worth a look - it's a bit smaller than our #1 pick, and has fewer adjustments, but it's suprisingly powerful for such a compact and affordable machine.

Below, we’ve listed out 5 of the best models available, from a 14" budget model to a 21" beast which is comparable to some gasoline mowers.

The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower in 2018 - Comparison




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#1 - Greenworks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower – Our Choice

We believe this is the best corded electric lawn mower on the market -it has everything most people will ever need in a mower, at a reasonable price.

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

The 25022 features an adjustable height setting, with 7 different levels for varying the height at which your grass is cut, as well as making mowing easier on a range of surfaces, regardless of whether they're flat or uneven. Specifically, the cutting range spans from 1.5-inches up to 3 3/4-inches. The level is varied using a single lever system, which makes it straightforward for anybody to adjust the height.

Out of the box, this mower is relatively simple to set up, with minimal parts to be assembled. All in all, it'll take around 15 minutes for the average person to construct the mower. Once assembled, one of the most striking features is the lightweight frame, which largely reduces the weight of the mower, while also being foldable for storage purposes.

This lawn mower's powerful 12-Amp motor is capable of tackling thick grass and weeds, without stalling. Though it struggles more with mulching in wet grass, the 20-inch steel cutting deck tackles most small to medium yards with ease, and can even handle larger yards, perhaps with a power cord extension. In terms of grass output, a three-way design caters for rear bagging, discharge or mulching, so you can choose how your cut grass is managed.

One last point worth mentioning is that the 12-Amp motor won’t struggle with smaller debris that can hamper some lawn mower’s success. Small to large weeds, and even small twigs won’t slow or stop the machine, so you can often get away without raking the lawn prior to use.

Who Are Greenworks?

Greenworks was established in 2007, by parent company Globe Tools group. Their mission is to deliver the best electric tools available, both corded and cordless - they don't manufacture any gasoline tools.

Greenworks and Kobalt are manufactured by the same company - in some cases, identical tools (except for the color) are available from different retailers.

Minor Issues

As with most electric yard tools, there are some disadvantages to be aware of:

One of the main drawbacks with this mower, though minor, is the cord management system. There’s a clip to fasten the cord to the side of the mower, keeping it out of the way while mowing, but it’s not particularly strong. Though the cord never gets in your way sufficiently enough to be a safety hazard, it is better managed on some other machines. That said, the positives make up for this drawback.


Click here to download the user manual.


Providing there's proof of purchase, GreenWorks guarantee the product for up to 4 years, for defective parts or workmanship. That said, the battery is more limited, at just 1 year's coverage.

Video Demonstration


  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Tackles weeds with ease
  • Push button to start the motor


  • No self-propulsion
  • Grass dispenser clogs easily
  • Cord management isn’t the best

#2 - Sun Joe MJ401E - Best Budget Option

Surprisingly powerful for a budget option

Sometimes, smaller yards require smaller mowers to get the job done well, and the Sun Joe MJ401e is as small as they come. At just 28 pounds, this mower is incredibly lightweight and compact, yet still manages to squeeze in a 12-Amp motor, which is more powerful than some of the bigger lawn mowers we've looked at.

Assembly is straightforward, with very minimal work to do out of the box; simply hook up the blades and tighten the handles into place. The blades are constructed out of steel and can be adjusted to 3 different cutting heights, while the grass catcher is a hard-top design that fastens securely. As could be expected from a smaller cutting deck, you'll likely need to make more passes than you would with a larger model. However, you won’t tire easily pushing this lawn mower around the yard.

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag

Minor Issues

Small size & few height settings

Though you could expect less functionality from such an inexpensive model, there are 3 cutting height settings built into this model. Unfortunately, the lowest setting can result in some drag when the mower is used on any slightly uneven terrain. It’s also a pretty ugly product, but functionality comes first.


Click here to download the user manual.


This Sun Joe electric mower has a 2-year coverage for problems arising as a result of defective parts or workmanship. However, it’s worth noting that this drops to just 90 days if the product is used for commercial business purposes.


  • Hard-top grass catcher remains tightly in place
  • Powerful motor for such a small mower
  • Compact and lightweight; just 28 pounds


  • Not the most attractive mower
  • Only 3 adjustable height positions
  • Lowest height setting impacts surface

#3 - Greenworks MO13B00 Corded Lawn Mower

A real heavyweight contender

Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Lawn Mower MO13B00

This Greenworks lawn mower has a mid-range motor, with 13-Amps of power behind it; this provides enough cutting power to get through even the toughest patches of grass, though it can have a more challenging time with wet grass or thick weeds. The 21-inch wide cutting deck is extremely durable and wide enough to reduce the time taken to cut small to medium-sized yards.

The lawn mower features a 3-in-1 grass management system, which allows you the choice of bagging, side discharge, or mulching for use in a composter. All of this is mounted onto a heavy-duty frame, which sits on wide 10-inch rear and 7-inch front wheels. What's more, the cutting height can be toggled between 7 different settings.


  • Runs extremely quietly
  • Mulching feature doesn’t struggle with wet grass
  • Height adjustment lever has little resistance


  • Models half the weight are available
  • Sometimes requires a second pass
  • Plastic power cord slips feel cheap


Lightweight, but a little underpowered

Featuring a lightweight, 15-inch deck, this lawn mower comes in at just 36 pounds in total, making it simple to maneuver even over longer cutting sessions. That's fortunate, given that the very narrow cutting deck will require you to make more passes of the yard, if you're cutting anything more than small area. Still, the compact and lightweight design is ideal for avoiding obstacles and handling small turning circles.

This lawn mower has an adjustable height cutting range that ranges from a minimum of 1-inch up to 3-inches, controlled via a single adjustable lever, and the cut produced is clean and powerful at any height. Speaking of power, the motor inside of the EM1500 mower is just 10-Amps; though not particularly strong in comparison to some alternative models, the benefit is that it can be used with standard home outlets.

BLACK+DECKER EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp


  • Extremely lightweight at 36 pounds
  • Includes a grass catching bag
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives


  • Height control lever is temperamental
  • Inconvenient cord management
  • Narrow cutting width

#5 - WORX WG719

Great maneuverablity, but ultimately the design is compromised

WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower, 19-Inch

The Worx WG719 is an interesting mower, in that the wheel design is both bad and good. Designed with castor front wheels, this mower has a reasonably tight turning circle, giving it good maneuverability when avoiding obstacles and lawn perimeters. Unfortunately, that same functionality is a nuisance when tackling slopes or attempting to cut a fine, straight line. Fortunately, though not ideal, the wheels can be locked into place with the push of a button.

In terms of what this mower does right, the push-button starter mechanism succeeds every time, and a one-touch foldable handle is perfectly suited for storing the motor away in small spaces, or standing up. What’s more, thanks to sacrificing a gasoline-powered engine, this motor runs extremely quietly, meaning that you can mow at more unsociable hours of the morning or evening without disturbing your neighbors.


  • Double-edge blade (NutriCut)
  • Very durable deck construction
  • Great turning circle and wheel design


  • Castor wheels a nightmare on slopes
  • Numerous plastic parts; feels flimsy
  • Wheel height adjustment must be done on every wheel

What Makes A Good Corded-Electric Lawn Mower?

Our buying guide will make sure you're informed before you decide which model is best for you.

If you’ve already made the decision to pick up a corded-electric mower, then you’ve already made one of the toughest choices; whether to invest in a corded design or a battery-powered design. Now, there are a range of other considerations to make.

Deck Size and Cutting Width

Consider the deck size of your prospective lawn mower, which is another term for the width of the cutting deck; this is typically expressed in inches. The wider the deck, the lower the number of passes that you will have to make to finish cutting your lawn. This means less time and less electricity invested in the task at hand.

Grass Management System

All that cut grass must go somewhere, which is why you should consider the electric mower's grass management system. Certain brands include 3-in-1 systems, which allow you to toggle between side-discharge, mulching or the ability to catch the grass within a built-in bag. On the other hand, some mowers don’t have a grass catching bag at all. Think about what’s right for you.

Adjustable Height

The ability to adjust the height of the cutting deck is important, as experts often advice not to cut grass down to less than 30% of its original height; this can weaken the blades, leaving them susceptible to damage. Most machines include this feature, but there are specific aspects of the mechanism to investigate. Firstly, check how easily can the height be adjusted, as some mowers have fiddlier systems, or ones that don't fix into place well. Secondly, consider how many varied height settings the motor includes. You should try to opt for a mower that has at least 4.

Push vs. Self-propelled

You'll need to decide whether you want a lawn mower that is self-propelled, or whether you're happy to put the work in to push it yourself. Self-propulsion can cost you more than a basic push mower, but if you have thicker varieties of grass or weeds, then you could benefit from a self-propelled mower. However, for thinner grass or smaller yards, a push-powered mower should be more than sufficient.

Maintenance / Cleaning

How to look after your new lawn mower, so it works as well as it can, and lasts as long as possible

The best time to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance on your electric mower is immediately following a job, while the grass and dirt is fresh. Firstly, ensure that your mower is off and unplugged from any power outlet.


You're best wearing gloves for this stage, to avoid cutting yourself on sharpened blades. After each use, you should remove all grass and soil from your mower's blades to prevent dulling of the instruments. This can be done using plastic or wooden tools.

Mower deck

Using the same tools as you've used to clean the blades, chip away at any stuck-on dirt and grass residue underneath your mower inside of the deck. Avoid using any metal tools, as these could scratch away protective paintwork that prevents rust.

Power system

After each use, you should thoroughly check over your lawn mower's power cord, watching out for any damage on the line. If you locate any nicks in the cable or exposed wires, follow advice on how to safely repair a cable, or consider replacing it if the damage is beyond repair.

Fasteners and wheels

As a result of vibrations in the machine, any nuts and bolts could gradually loosen over time. After each use, you should be careful to check each fastener to ensure that it has not come loose. This also applies to the fasteners holding the wheels in place.


Occasionally faults are discovered after a product has gone on sale, usually requiring the product to be recalled by the manufacturer.

There were no recalls listed for any of the lawn mowers mentioned here at the time of writing (April 2018). However, it's always a good idea to check the latest information at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website before buying any large, expensive or potentially dangerous product.

Do you own any of the lawn mowers mentioned here? Did you choose a different one? Let us know in the comments!

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debbie - June 3, 2018

What is your opinion of the black and decker 20 inch 13 amp corded electric mower #MM2000 (I think is the model #). I can’t decide between black and decker and the one you recommended. Is the one amp difference noticeable?

Thanks for your expertise and objective assessment.


    Robert Kilby - June 4, 2018

    Hi Debbie

    The Greenworks 25022 and Black+Decker MM2000 are quite similar products. The B+D is slightly more powerful, however the Greenworks has a steel deck instead of the plastic used on the B+D, and a 4 year warranty vs the 2 year warranty of the B+D mower. Of these two models, I’d lean towards the Greenworks 25022.

Alex C - October 28, 2018

About “Greenworks MO13B00 Corded Lawn Mower” – it was retracted by manufacturer and removed from Amazon – very bad manufacturing quality, such as bended wheel brackets that makes wheel stuck by the body, I was lucky enough to return it the same day received it from Amazon (just quick check was enough), next day that product was gone from there.

    Robert Kilby - November 1, 2018

    Hi Alex, sorry to hear that. We were not aware that Greenworks had discontinued this mower. We will be updating the article in early 2019.
    Thanks for letting us know.


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