Best Brush Cutters Review (2020)

Brush cutters are very popular and well-known because of the advantages they posses. Often mixed up string trimmers, brush cutters aremuch more powerful tools, used for much tougher jobs. Chances are high that by now you are aware of the vices and virtues of this tool. Nonetheless, you can take a look at our complete guide on brush cutters to learn more. And in order to help you finalize one for buying, we've composed this write-up and reviewed some of the best brush cutters of 2020.

Brush cutter

Also known as a clearing saw, brush saw, or weed destroyer, brush cutters are also mixed up with string trimmers. That maybe due to the fact that many brush cutters can do what string trimmers can do, or maybe because they come with a trimmer attachment. But in reality, brush cutters and string trimmers are very different and are not always interchangeable.

Our top choice is the Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty brush cutter. Performance wise, all our choices are very similar and it was actually quite difficult to rank them. However, since we absolutely had to choose one as the top, we considered the price, the secondary nuances and existing customer reviews to come to a decision. Typical residential jobs entail mid-sized lawns with moderate clearing tasks, for which we believe our top choice is perfect.

The best brush cutter for the price is the Remington RM2700 Ranchero. Coming from a reputed brand and having superb specifications, the RM2700 is a complete package for the money. Also, its compatibilty with Trimmerplus and other branded attachments makes it a formidable contender in this market.

Product Comparison Table

1) Blue max 52623 extreme duty brush cutter

Our top choice


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 42.6cc, 2-cycle
  • Weight: 17 Lbs.
  • Cutting width: 10 inches
  • Extra attachments: Trimmer only
  • Warranty:

The Blue Max 52623 is another gas powered, straight shaft brush cutter on our list. Although it weighs a bit heavier than the former ones, it does come with a harness to compensate for the load. The extra weight results from the substantial 2-cycle engine and its displacement of 42.6cc. It features a two-stroke recoil starting system and delivers 1.6HP.

Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter, 42.7cc

As you can imagine, a machine of this size and power would evidently vibrate a lot and be very loud. But the anti-vibe handle does tackle one of the issues. It comes with a 10-inch brush blade, along with a bump and feed string trimmer head, making it a 2-in-1 tool. Its large safety guard is worth mentioning too. Despite the bulky size, this tool is fairly fuel efficient and is recommended for tackling soft vegetation only.


  • Impressive horsepower
  • Fuel saving operation
  • Anti-vibe handles
  • Large cutting width


  • Quite heavy and noisy
  • Not suited for cutting hard vegetatve material

2) Remington RM2700 Ranchero Brush cutter

Best brush cutter for the price


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 27cc, 2-cycle
  • Weight: 14.5 Lbs.
  • Cutting width: 8 inches
  • Extra attachments: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-yesr limited

The Remington RM2700 has many reasons to be in our list. Considering the well-known brand, multiple reviews, and the product’s virtues themselves, this brushcutter is the best overall in our opinion. This product employs the QuickStart technology on a 27cc, 2-cycle engine, falling in the powerful tool category. It has a moderate weight and an ergonomic design; maneuvering it is rather easy. It comes with an attachable bump head, enabling to function as a string trimmer as well. Its compatibility with multiple attachments and the decent price are two additional reasons that made it a popular choice.

Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 18-Inch Straight Shaft Gas Powered Brushcutter and String Trimmer-2-Cycle Lightweight Weed Wacker with Attachment Capabilities for Lawn Care, Orange

The RM2700 package includes heavy-duty metal blades that have been reviewed to be quite durable. The design features an adjustable, J-style handle and shoulder straps for the user’s convenience. The QuickStart technology is there to the pull starts as smooth as possible. This brushcutter is compatible with other branded attachments also, TrimmerPlus for instance, and can function as an edger, cultivator, trimmer, etc. It comes with the essential 2-cycle oil and is backed up by a 2-year limited warranty. Overall, in our opinion, this is the perfect brush cutter for mid-sized residential yards.


  • Comfortable weight
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and robust
  • Attachment compatible


  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • The pull-start might require multiple attempts sometimes

3) Troy-Bilt TB42 BC Gas Brush Cutter

the best Mid-ranged brush cutter


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 27cc, 2-cycle
  • Weight: 14 Lbs.
  • Cutting width: 8 inches
  • Extra attachments: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Troy-Bilt is a pretty reliable band and has been around for quite a long time. Throughout the years they have delivered well, and this brush cutter is no different. The Troy-Bilt TB42 BC is neck to neck with our top choice; it has similar features and performs equally well comparatively. However, as it’s priced towards the higher end, we had to deliberate on the total deal for the value, upon which we made it our second choice.

Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter with JumpStart Technology

This brush cutter is intended for residential, but heavy duty tasks, and has a full-crank, 27cc, 2-cycle engine. It comes with an 8-inch, 4 teeth steel blade and incorporates the Jumpstart feature (sold separately). Troy-Bilt did address the vibration issue and tried to reduce it somewhat. Design wise, it resembles the RM2700, having an ambidextrous J-style handle and a straight shaft. This product is compatible with ten TrimmerPlus attachments and be transformed into an edger or pole saw to name some. Backed up by a 2-year limited warranty, the TB42 BC is intended for heavy-duty, but residential chores only.


  • Powerful cutter
  • Versatile tool
  • Has relatively low-vibration


  • Protective guard size is small
  • Jumpstart is sold separately

4) chikura powerful 4-in-1 brush cutter

the best multipurpose brush cutter


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 52cc, 2-stroke
  • Weight: 28 Lbs.
  • Cutting width: 10 inches
  • Extra attachments: yes
  • Warranty:

You might be hearing this name for the first time, but the Chikura Multi Powerful 4-in-1 brush cutter is worth the try. The first thing you'd notice is the high engine displacement of 52cc and the whopping weight of over twenty pounds. This certainly means that not everyone can handle this tool easily and narrows down the user group to professionals or mighty individuals. However, the design does employ bike style handles and shoulder straps, for ease of use.

CHIKURA Multi Powerful 52cc Gasoline Brush Cutter 4 in 1 Weed Wacker strimmer Cutter Edger Lawn Eater

As mentioned earlier, this tool is not only for brush cutting, but can also be used as a trimmer. It has been designed keeping compatibility in mind, due to which the straigh shaft can be split for various uses. It comes with a bump head to transform the tool into a trimmer, along with three brush cutter blades (one 3-teeth, one 40-teeth and one 80-teeth). Furthermore, you can also expand it to a hedge trimmer, lawn mower or pole saw if you have the respective attachments at hand. The split shaft mechansim also aids in storing and transporting the cutter. We understand that this brush cutter might not be for everyone, since it's rather bulky and long. But overall, considering the price + the functionality, this product has a very satisfactory performance and can tackle brushes of all intensities.


  • Multipurpose uses
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential uses
  • Can clear out all types of vegetation (up to 2" thick)


  • Assembly might be complicated for some users
  • Does not come with any warranty

5) Makita EM2650UH Brush trimmer

the best Premium grade brush cutter


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 25.4cc, 4-stroke
  • Weight: 12.1 Lbs.
  • Cutting diameter: 9 inches
  • Extra attachments: No
  • Warranty:

Makita is another renowned brand as Husqvarna and Remington. Naturally, we expected a lot from this brush cutter, and we weren't disappointed. The Makita EM2650UH comprises a powerful, 25.4cc engine which delivers 1.1HP. Unlike the others in this list, this is a 4-stroke tool - plus points for that. It has mechanical automatic engine decompression, which means the machine removes air from the carburetor autonomously. This makes the ignition easier and quicker.

4-Stroke Brush Cutter - 25.4 cc.

This tool comes with one 9-inch blade and the necessary engine oil. Its multi-position lubrication system allows you to incline the trimmer at any angle while operating, making it suitable for uneven terrains. The design does address vibration and noise; both of these issues are lower comparatively. Makita also focused on easier maintenance - they made the filter access 'tool-less', positioned the oil filling port and air plug very conveniently, and kept oil tank translucent. It comes with a harness and adjustable bike style handles for even weight distribution. Altohough it does not include any additional attachment, this tool can be transformed to a trimmer by connecting a trimmer head, which you can easily buy separately.


  • 4-stroke engine
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Lower vibration and noise
  • Multi-position lubrication system 


  • The blade is not as powerful as the engine
  • Should have included additional attachments at such a price

6) Husqvarna 336FR brush cutter


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 34.6cc, 2-stroke
  • Weight: 15.4 Lbs.
  • Cutting diameter: 8 inches
  • Extra attachments: Trimmer only
  • Warranty:

Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter with Line/Brush and Saw Blade, 34.6 cc , Orange

TBH, we really don't need any introduction here. Husqvarna is one of the top tier brands, playing the field of outdoor power tools since a very long time and scoring just as high. Their 336FR brush cutter comes with an X-torq 34.6cc engine, which is powerful yet fuel economic, claiming to reduce exhaust emissions by up to 60% and enhance fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Husqvarna 336FR comes with a trimmer head, one grass blade and one saw blade, making it another 2-in-1 tool in our list.  It features a heavy-duty, twin line trimming system with a "Tap 'n Go" mechanism for ease. Its 1.9HP output can slice through 4" thick limbs without a hitch. The tool has commercial grade air filters that lower the cost of maintenance and reduces wear & tear. In terms of ergonomics, it comes with Balance 35 harness, which is a backpack styled one, and has adjustable bike handles. Also, the protective guard attachment can be changed according to the function the tool is being used for. The auto return switch is a nifty addition, which makes the stop switch automatically returns to the start position once you turn the machine off. All in all, the Husqvarna 336FR is extremely capable and well thought out.


  • Very potent and durable
  • Fit for both moderate and heavy-duty tasks
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Easy ignition


  • Expensive
  • Vibrates at full throttle

7) Proyama 2-in-1 Extreme duty brush cutter


  • Power source: Gas
  • Engine: 42.7cc, 2-cycle
  • Weight:
  • Cutting diameter: 9 inches
  • Extra dttachments: Yes
  • Warranty:

The Proyama 2-in-1 Extreme Duty brush cutter delivers 2HP through its 42.7cc, 2-cycle engine. It comes with several attachment options, including a trimmer line, nylon head, one chainsaw tooth brush blade, one 3T and one 40T blade. The package also includes protective apparatus, like ear defenders, safety glasses and gloves. Pretty discreet.

PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter and Dual Line Trimmer, Grass Trimmer, Weed Eater 2022 Upgraded

This brush cutter is EPA certified, making it environment friendly. Typical harness and bike handles are part of the design, which also incorporates a quick release split shaft for easy transportation and storage. Overall, the Proyama in 2-in-1 is a simple tool to assemble and use with an average quality. Although we feel the price to be slightly high, the long list of attachments and components that come with it are appreciable. This tool would be good for light to moderate residential tasks, especially for beginners.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Protective guard is large
  • Easy ignition


  • The build quality feels cheap
  • Heavy

brush cutter Buying guide

The best brush cutter for any individual depends on particular needs, the type of brush present and the effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your yard (physical and financial, both). Therefore, keep following considerations in mind when you are about to buy a brush cutter:

Power Source:

Most brush cutters on the market are gas powered, but may find some electric units also. Gas units are loud and heavy for sure. But in order to get more power, you do need big engines, which tag along the noise and weight. Moreover, gas cutters are cordless, so their working range is excellent.

Electric options, on the other hand, either use batteries that wear down quickly, or they’re corded, which limtis their working range. And, they might not be as powerful as their gas counterparts. A 2-stroke gas engine typically provides up to 42cc which is ample to finidsh a job efficiently and quickly. 4-stroke engines yield even more.

For people with small to medium size yard and light brush, an electrical cutter should work. For larger yard with heavy vegetation, we rocommend buying gas units. However, don’t be tempted to buy an expensive brush cutter just for the sake of it or thiking it's superior. Identify your requirements first, then proceed.

Blades & cutting diameter:

Quality brush cutter blades are of crucial importance. If your blades tend to chip off or get blunt prematurely, what you'll have is a toy of a cutter. Make sure to invest in good, durable blades that are fit for the type of your brush. Blades can be of nylon or metal, out of which metal can withstand heavy-duty. We recommend carbide over steel, even though steel is typical and cheaper.

The cutting diameter of the brush cutter determines the maximum area it can clear in each pass. A larger cutting diameter means you can cut through a larger patch, resulting in a quicker job. Attachment diameters range from 4 to up to 12 inches. But, be wary that a higher diameter means added weight also. Finding the correct cutting sized tool and blade ensures efficiency at its best.


Having the option to change heads or attachments enhances the flexibilty and versatility of a brush cutter. You can easily switch from heavy-duty metal blades to a subtler string trimmer, accomplishing multiple tasks. It saves you the time as well as money. Go for replaceable head attachment options if you have multiple needs.


A brush cutter can have a straight or curved shaft. The shaft transfers the power from the engine to the blade. A curved shaft can get to get on tight spots and aid in maneuverability. But it affects the power distribution adversely and increases the risks of breakdow. A straight shaft brush cutter is simpler and more reliable than a curved one. Which type you should pick depends on your yard's design and the accessibility of the areas that need cutting.


The brush cutter can be operated by one or with both hands. A bike or dual handle types usually provide more control when operating. So these type of handled cutters are suitable for longer duration or challenging tasks, while single or loop handle brush cutters are suited for small tasks.

Shoulder Harness:

For handheld brush cutters, we highly recommend options with a shoulder harness or strap hanger. It might not seem that important but it helps tremendously. Especially for long hours of work. These supports help distribute the load, saving you from esertion or body ache. But, if you happen to like a cutter that doesn't inlcude any harness, you can always buy one separately.

Secondary Comfort features:

Brush cutters generates a lot of vibration, gas powered ones do that even more. This can exhaust you very quickly and strain your hands or shoulders. Dampening vibrations not only add user comfort, it has an effect on the machine's longevity and efficacy as well. So, consider a brush cutter that addresses this issue. Other features like soft handle grips and noise reduction are added bonus that you should look out for. These factors are not essentially 'make or break', but they certainly impact the aftermath.

Basic Maintenance

Maintenance is key and that cannot be reiterated enough. The best of the best can succumb to destuction without the proper upkeep. So, tend to your brush cutter regularly to get the best results and to have it around for a long time.

Before using a tool, always check that the nuts, bolts, screws, etc. are there and properly fixed. After every use, clean the machine with a damp cloth and remove any grass or dust. Make sure the fan covers are free of any leftover debris. Check for oil or lubricant leaks, fix them right away if you see one.

At every 24 hours of use (roughly), check the spark plug gap and clean off any carbon residue build-up. Add lubricating oil if necessary, as per your instruction manual. Sharpen brush cutter blades periodically, according to your blade type or brand.

Always store a brush cutter in an upright position so that no oil can leak out accidentally. For extended storage, you must fix any issues and clean the unit beforehand. Make sure the fuel tank is empty; either run the engine till all the fuel is gone or drain it out manually. Lastly, store in a clean, dry space.

These are just some basic tips applicable for all tools in general. For your specific brush cutter, it is wise to follow the product specific manual exactly.

Do you own any of the brush cutters mentioned here? Did you choose a different one? Let us know in the comments!

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